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Therapeutic tactics depend on the characteristics of the course of the disease. The goal of treatment is the evacuation of blood masses, the achievement of regression of local inflammatory changes and the prevention of secondary bacterial complications. Treatment activities include.

After the contents are evacuated, drainage is established in the formed cavity. The operation ends with an anterior tamponade. Antibiotic therapy. It is used only for surgical tactics of treatment.

Aspiration of blood. The hematoma cavity is punctured, after which blood is aspirated using a syringe. To prevent re-accumulation of blood, the mucosa and perichondria are pressed against the quadrangular cartilage by performing an anterior nasal tamponade. Drainage of inderal pills. Surgical opening of the hematoma cavity is used when the puncture is ineffective. The operation is performed under regional anesthesia or anesthesia. To remove blood clots, an incision is made in the mucous membrane directly above the hematoma.

The drugs of choice are antibacterial agents of the II-III generation cephalosporin group and protected aminopenicillins.

  • In most cases, they are prescribed in a short course lasting up to 7 days.
  • The prognosis for hematoma of the nasal septum, as a rule, is favorable. With early evacuation of propranolol online, complications can be avoided.
  • On average, the duration of hospitalization in the absence of signs of infection is up to 7 days.

Primary prevention focuses on preventing traumatic events.nasal injuries, early and complete treatment of diseases of the nasal cavity. Secondary preventive measures are aimed at correcting disorders of the blood coagulation system, immunodeficiency, vitamin deficiency and other contributing factors in patients at risk.